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Social Security Letters
Other Federal Documents
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Order instantly from your desktop or mobile device, get a fast quote, and receive a response from your apostille specialist that same day! Once received, your submission will be reviewed for accuracy to guarantee acceptance for apostille or legalization. If any additional steps are required, we will advise you on the steps needed.

Our review service is the #1 reason we always get your Apostille done right the 1st time.
Send Us Your Documents
Your documents are ready for Apostille! We’ve also sent you a welcome email, along with your invoice. Once we have received payment, we will provide shipping instructions and, by request, a discounted shipping label. Certain documents such as electronic FBI reports, passport, and ID copies, can be sent electronically. Once we have your documents, we will hand deliver them to the appropriate government office for Apostille!
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Your document is ready! Your original document as well as the attached Apostille certificate are on their way back to you, wherever you are in the world.

Easily track your document with a FedEx or DHL Tracking Number.
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Transparent price and
no hidden fees!
In contrast to our competitors, we recognize that cost is often a deciding factor. For this reason, we are 100% transparent about our prices and have no hidden fees. Apostille processing fees vary for each state and are included in your estimated cost once you’ve made your submission.
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4-14 business days*
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$75 per additional document
$55 per page for document translation in 250+ languages. (1-2 business days)
$25 Standard Domestic Return Shipping (2-3 business days)
$35 Domestic Overnight Shipping (Recommended for Rush Services)
$65 for international FedEx Priority Shipping (2-3 business days)
*Consular Reports of Birth Abroad take up to 8 weeks to process
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